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Casos de uso en sostenibilidad

Adaptation to the new EU Directive (CSRD)

You can be the first among your competitors to comply with the new EU sustainability directive. Improves transparency and accountability in relation to environmental and social impact. With this, you can strengthen the relationship with your stakeholders, including investors and financial institutions. Improve the reputation and positioning of your company. 

Strategic Sustainability Plan

It is essential for your business to carry out a strategic sustainability plan consistent with the company's strategy. We work together to make it practical, real and easy to implement. We will give you the guidelines for you to follow up. With a well-designed plan you will be able to achieve your goals more easily.

Risk analysis

We help you design and implement a risk management methodology. With good risk identification, analysis and evaluation, the company can make better decisions, correctly define a long-term strategy and protect the investment, as well as comply with the laws and regulations that apply to it. You can have a risk matrix that helps you make strategic decisions.

Stakeholders and materiality analysis

We work with you so that through the interest groups, you discover the most relevant issues, in terms of environmental, social and economic impact.  With this tool we manage to improve the relationship with the interest groups, identify risks and opportunities, ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and enhance reputation.

Circular Economy Models

Any SME can have circular economy models. We help you discover them through our methodology. A circular economy model in your company will help you reduce environmental impacts and costs, make production more efficient, improve your positioning, achieve sustainable development goals and promote a more sustainable and prosperous world for all.

Carbon Footprint and Offsets

We calculate your carbon footprint (scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3), we identify opportunities to reduce emissions, we draw up a strategic plan related to Net Zero, we analyze your supply chain and we advise you on the selection of offset projects.

Sustainability Reports and Non-Financial Information Statements.

Although SMEs are not required, for the most part and at the moment, to prepare sustainability reports and report Non-Financial Information Statements (EINF), doing so improves reputation and provides a transparent vision of the company. It will also help you attract investment and/or financing.

Global Compact, Foretica, BCorp...

We help you identify what type of certification or memberships are best for your business objectives. It will help you on your way to sustainability and being net positive. There are many benefits that you will have and you will immediately connect with the wheel of continuous improvement.

Ethical and socially responsible Management System - SGE 21 of Forética

We help you get certified by SGE21, an Ethical and Socially Responsible Management System, which will provide you with knowledge and tools to develop a competitive and sustainable model. This system promotes organizational change and a responsible culture in all teams, improving business reputation.

Sustainable Mobility Projects

Depending on the characteristics of your company, you can have a customized sustainable mobility project that will help you reduce your carbon footprint, improve the quality of life of your employees and reduce costs.

Sustainability Solutions for your business

Reducción de desperdicio alimentario

Ayudamos a crear planes de reducción de desperdicio alimentario implantando sistemas de medición y análisis de las causas. 
Tenemos tecnología para hacerlo, consulta nuestra web y ponte en contacto con nosotros

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