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About us

We are born sustainable and with a vocation to help companies become sustainable.

We are a Teal organization, where people are the protagonists.

We work with the purpose of positively impacting the planet and society, and our vehicle is consultancy, innovation, and partnerships.

We believe in a diverse, inclusive, fair, and supportive society.

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Helping and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to transform towards sustainability in order to have a positive impact on the planet and society


To be the leading sustainability consultancy for SMEs, globally recognized, driving the change towards profitable and sustainable business practices in order to generate a net positive impact

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If you resonate with Net Positive and want to join our team to help companies become more sustainable, working from anywhere in the world, please get in touch with us.

We are in Las Rozas Innova

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About Las Rozas Innova

Las Rozas Innova is the Public Innovation Company of Las Rozas City Council, with a technological and innovative ecosystem. It is a place where entrepreneurs and businesses are encouraged to contribute to the development of a smart, agile, modern, sustainable, and full of opportunities city.


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