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Net Positive Sustainability Policy


At Neto Positivo, we recognize the critical importance of sustainability for the well-being of current and future generations, as well as for the continued success of our business. Our sustainability policy is based on the following fundamental principles:


  • Commitment to Sustainability:We are committed to sustainability in all our operations. We recognize our responsibility to minimize negative impacts on the environment and contribute positively to society.

  • Promotion of Awareness: We promote awareness about sustainability among our employees, clients and collaborators. We believe that education and awareness are key to driving positive change.

  • Reduction of the Environmental Footprint:We continually seek to reduce our environmental footprint through sustainable practices in our daily operations. This includes responsible resource management, waste reduction and energy efficiency.

  • Collaboration with Interest Groups: We work closely with our customers, suppliers and the community to promote sustainability. We look for sustainable solutions together and share good practices.

  • Sustainable Innovation: We promote innovation as a key tool to address environmental and social challenges. We are constantly looking for new ways to integrate sustainability into our services and solutions.

  • Normative compliance: We operate in accordance with all applicable environmental and social laws and regulations. We maintain high ethical integrity in all our activities.

  • Accountability: We set measurable sustainability goals and track our progress toward achieving them. We are committed to reporting transparently on our sustainability performance.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: We contribute positively to the community and support corporate social responsibility initiatives that promote equity, education and general well-being.

  • Business Resilience:We recognize that sustainability is also critical to long-term business resilience. Sustainable risk and opportunity management is essential to our continued success.


This sustainability policy guides our actions and decisions in Net Positive. We are committed to its effective implementation and continuous improvement. We firmly believe that by embracing sustainability, we not only protect our planet, but also create a brighter, more prosperous future for all.


Issue Date: 09-18-2023

Signature: Ignacio Escolano Ramos (Sole Administrator)

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