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The steps that must be taken so that your company has
a net positive impact


Start with the purpose.

The company must define its sustainable purpose through the identification of clear objectives and goals related to sustainability. This may involve a review of the company's mission and values to ensure that environmental and social considerations are included.


Look for the essence and redesign your value proposition.

It is important that the company has a clear understanding of its essence, what makes it unique and valuable. And once this is understood, as well as the expectationscustomer atives and opportunitiesto improve sustainability inthe value chain, the company can redesign its value proposition to make it more sustainable


Adapt to the regulations and to what the market demands

Knowing the regulations, integrating sustainability into the business strategy, identifying market opportunities, measuring the environmental impact and collaborating with other companies and organizations are key actions that can help companies to be more sustainable.


Work with thestackholders.

A company must work with stakeholders because these groups have a direct interest in the company's actions and can significantly influence its success or failure. Stakeholders may include customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, governments, non-governmental organizations and other key stakeholders who have an impact or are impacted by the company's activities.


Communicate it well.

Effectively communicating your commitment to sustainability is key to building trust and differentiating yourself from other companies that do not adopt sustainable practices. Do not fall into thegreenwashing and first do and then tell it well. We help you.

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